Testing PS HDR creation tool.


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Jul 31, 2020
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Central North Carolina USA
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Thought I'd give Photoshop a test in creating HDR images. Shot 5 consecutive images on my tripod all at 2 sec, F32, 105 mm very low ISO. My D90 lists it as LO-1, the lowest ISO in the menu.

Almost no other PP, just a min tweak on exposure, sharpness, etc. My goal was to combine the images to get the maximum amount of blur in the water since it was too bright to get the shutter speed lower than 2 seconds. Maybe next time I should use more images, not quite as blurred as I had hoped. But it was a small creek, not a lot of water flowing.

HDR test Oct 2020.jpg
I do this in camera on a Canon and always do the Max which is 9 images on mine. It is slick as it will take the shots automatically which reduces shake and therefore misalignment. I've even done it with a 6 stop ND filter to make the people "disappear". In camera just averages the shots, no HDR. Either way, interesting results.
I am no expert but I like this one alittle more than #1.
I like the process as I have never tried that in camera.
Am looking now to upgrade from PSE 11 to current 2020 version.
There's some difference in preferences on water blur. Some want it to be like cotton some want a few drops visible. There is no right or wrong on choice. However if you want more blur you'll need more than a 2 sec exposure. You might try 5, 10 or 15 second shots for comparison. Considering you're at low ISO and f/32 you'll need to add a ND filter to do so in equivalent light.
Yeah, I was just trying the PS function since it's automatic, just select the images and click. A lot easier than stacking layers, which is not that hard, (but I'm a bit lazy), and I do have some ND filters on order. I miss Kodachrome 25, it always made some nice long exposure shots. I prefer a single long exposure, but thought I'd give a multi shot combo a try. Not really a fan but I can see where it might do some creative things.

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