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Sep 29, 2006
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Shenandoah Valley VA
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I've learned a lot since I began to participate here. Just think.......a month ago I didn't even know what an Avatar I have one.

I'll get the ball rollin' here..........WOW, thats hip, ron!!!!

The image is a little grainy in the big version, high ISO?

This was is a scan from a snapshot that I took in 1979. Not that it couldn't be better, that's just my story. I really don't know.

That one took me a month,'s OK, I geuss when you stick your neck out at THIS forum you should be prepared to have it handed back to you. Thanks for looking and taking time to respond. ron
Who's, Ron?

Ron's the guy who still owns that Rx7, and has a wreckless disregard for his picture quality. I think I may be able to grasp enough of this to make me happy............ ronman
lol chill out bro, I was only asking. People ask lots of questions here...

And your car isn't that old and crappy.

My dad's is 38 years old this year, woohoo!!
I'm pretty thick skinned, I'll make it back.

Really......that was a sweet little car that I just never could get rid of.......also it lived a charmed life never to have been wrecked beyond repair. It's 30th birthday will be this Fall. I also payed a vinyl record a while back for a little gal(we start talkin' like that too)who had never SEEN a piece of vinyl. I'm rambling.

I think head shots make the best avatars.........putting a face with a voice and all.

Be careful Viperjet, who you slam next time. :lol: ron
That's a really classy shot man, I don't care much for the quality because I get the impression.
Thanks Phototron, I hope you see this viperjet, this man knows his photo stuff. ;) ron

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