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Jun 19, 2010
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I was at a local camera store hoping to pick up a reflector. I had shopped online but wanted to give my local shop first crack.

The ones I saw online were in the $30 dollar range. These are collapsible roundish things made of cloth you use outside.

For the same type (not brand) product my shop wanted $130.

I love quality stuff. I have no problems with paying more for something that will perform better and last longer. I'll pay twice as much for something twice as good. You get the idea.

Can anyone tell me what (besides $100) is the difference between the same sized $30 and $130 reflectors? Do they reflect light four times better or last four times longer?

I asked the guy in the shop this question and he pointed out there is a handle on the $130 one - a grip - and then sort of fell back into a explanation about what reflectors do.
Short answer. No. Long answer, it depends. Was it a kit with a stand and boom grip? I know the local store here doesn't sell just the reflector, but a kit that includes a stand to hold it.
exactly, and what's the size? there'a s huge difference between 20 inches and 45.
I'm talking about a hand held reflector and a bag. No stand. No clamps.

The $130 one has a handle and two colors. The $30 is just round and includes addons you can attach with the zipper. Gold, silver, white - etc. It also comes with a bag.

They are both a little over 40 inches diameter. I think the #30 is a bit larger - like 53 inches if memory serves.

exactly, and what's the size? there'a s huge difference between 20 inches and 45.
The Lastolite Trigrip series of reflectors / diffusers are expensive, but are well made, convenient and pack small. I have the 32" with covers and it will easily light up a model for a head and shoulders shot up to a 3/4 shot. It is fairly easy to position and hold in your left hand and still shoot with your right...... provided the direction of the light source is playing nice.

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