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May 21, 2008
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Clinton, Utah
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I was just out cruisin around with my friend the other day and snapped a few shots of his car, I was pretty happy with the way this one came out and i havent posted in a while so i figued i'd share :)
Let me know what you think?
things to do better next time?

Nice shot, sigma 10-20mm?? I want that lens.
I am going to assume you took this with your 10-20? I love that lens. I like the composition of this shot. Good work!
Those tires are stretched, good stuff!!!! Datsun 510?
Thanks for all the comments! Yeah it was taken with my sigma 10-20. I think its an awesome lense for the price, i absolutely love it haha.
Yeah the tires are way stretched ha they are 175/50/13 on a 13x8 in. wheel, i actually mounted them up and put them on myself. And no its 1979 honda civic hatchback.
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nice pic.lets see some more of the car!
Wicked perspective - like it alot.

Agreed with the comments above re: the 10-20 - it produces some great images. It's on my wish list - need to flog my Nikon 12-24 first.

Nice photo.
thanks! Here is a few more pictures of the car for MayWood haha. Horrible pictures i know, i think they were just taken with a camera phone or something but yeah you can see the rest of the car.




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