The age old questions...

mmm peanutbutter pie... :drool:

Creamy peanutbutter

I prefer a little cream in my coffee

no whipped cream for me
you call your non chunky peanutbutter, creamy??
we call it smooth

Peanut butter: chunky!

coffee: dont drink it but whne i do with milk

pie: as pie? pies here have meat in them, so neither thanks!
Peanut butter creamy

dont drink coffee, but if i did, it would have lots of stuff in it :oops:

Pie - apple pie with no topping
SMOOTH penut butter
NO coffee
only if it is apple pie- both ice cream and a cream, although only in small amounts
Go the "crunchy" peanut butter.

No coffee for me thanks.

Being an Aussie also i don't think the ice cream would go well with a good old meat pie.

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