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Jan 31, 2015
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I wasn't sure where to post this one because it's a landscape, but also black & white. But I figured the main genre of this photo is I think it out ranks black & white. If not, you are welcome to move it.

I took this photo from a covered bridge over the Ammonoosuc River between Haverhill and Bath, New Hampshire. It was one of those days where you just feel like driving around and going through small towns. I've been through this area a number of times and I've saw a sign pointing to a covered bridge so I decided to stop and take a look. I was looking out the windows from this covered bridge and immediately saw this photo but it was super cloudy so I waited and just spent time taking pictures of the bridge and then the sun came out and the sky broke up and I took this photo. Perfect timing, I wanted the contrast.

I'm super happy with this photo.

Nikon D610 + 20 1.8G
1/200th, f/8, ISO 110

Very nice indeed, I can imagine this being nice with fall colours as well.
Very nice, editing looks spot on to me with a nice B+W conversion and a good balance to the image.

Thanks, I spent quite a bit of time processing it. There is a little bit of photoshopping in the image. I removed some power lines and floating markers on the water because under the bridge I was standing on was a waterfall from a old dam. But I think photoshopping those things out are okay.

I did have a hard time deciding between color and black & white but I made the right decision.
Very nice indeed, I can imagine this being nice with fall colours as well.

Oh you bet!! It will be gorgeous! I'll have to process that one in color if I can make it there.
I can see why you are happy with this
Great shot Nerwin. You are on fire lately.
Nice shot bud, looks like you found your groove. Now sell us the lens...

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