20 1.8g

  1. nerwin

    SOLD! Nikon 20mm f/1.8G

    If you are into landscapes, architecture, astrophotography, this lens is for you! The Nikon 20 1.8G is incredibly sharp piece of glass, next to no distortion and very sharp. I've used it for some milky way shots and the is just incredible. The colors in renders is quite pleasing as well...
  2. nerwin

    Yet, another backyard landscape

    So I've been a bit sick lately dealing with a horrible sinus infection which caused me to not sleep for like 3 days. It was pretty rough so I took it easy and took a break from photography, a least a little bit anyways. Yesterday I felt much better, like night/day difference except for the fact...
  3. nerwin

    Welcome to Vermont

    I've taken a picture of this barn years ago, almost 10 years ago with a Sony DSC-H50 when I was just getting into photography. The funny thing is, this barn is only a mile or two from my house and it took 10 years for me to go back. Back around 2008 this barn wasn't really much, it was your...
  4. nerwin

    I don't have to travel far for autumn!

    I guess one of the benefits of living in Vermont is the fact I don't have to go very far for fall picture. I took this shot literally 2-3 miles from my house haha. Now you'd think this woulden't be a busy road, but trust me...it's travelled...A LOT. Took me about 30 minutes to manage to capture...
  5. nerwin

    Oldsmobile Super 88

    Lately when going to car shows I pretty much stopped taking pictures of cars because it gets so repetitive so instead of being a photographer, I become a car enthusiast which I also am and I check out other peoples rides and talk shop, which luckily is kind of improving my speech impediment...
  6. nerwin

    Looking Out

    Another Mt. Washington landscape. I know I can't top the the last couple pictures I posted from here but I thought I'd share this one anyways. I figured out during editing that I can only make so many landscapes from this location because they all start to look very similar. However, this one...
  7. nerwin

    The view goes on & on

    I took this on top of Mt. Washington. It was early afternoon and that's when the visibility was higher, as the day went on, it got more hazier. So I'm glad I was able to get some decent landscape shots with plenty of visibility. This shot is 8 vertical images stitched together. I sat on this...
  8. nerwin

    Haverhill-Bath Covered Bridge

    This is the covered bridge I stood on to take this picture I shared yesterday. Not the greatest photo in the world but I noticed the lighting and took advantage of it. Like I said on the previous black & white photo it was very cloudy and you can see in this picture where it started to break up...
  9. nerwin

    The Ammonoosuc River

    I wasn't sure where to post this one because it's a landscape, but also black & white. But I figured the main genre of this photo is landscape..so I think it out ranks black & white. If not, you are welcome to move it. I took this photo from a covered bridge over the Ammonoosuc River between...