The big brown fuzzy bear


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Jan 18, 2009
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Galloway/Columbus Ohio
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I found a HUGE fuzzy bear at the local thrift store last month (I couldn't pass it up, it was only .50 and I figured it would make a great prop). So today I decided to try and shoot a few pictures.

I wish I could have got some good shots of the entire bear to show you just how huge this thing is but my little one wanted to pull it down on her and wrestle around.

Here's a couple of my favs.


That bear makes an awesome prop!! I especially like the second shot because you can see it's a bear, and the little sweetie is looking right at the camera.

Great find.
It was really hard for me to get a shot of the entire bear. My daughter wanted to wrestle around with it and kept throwing it everywhere, jumping on it etc. I wasn't really satisfied with the outcome of any of them, but here's one that shows "almost" the entire bear and how big it is...although she had pushed him over so it's leaning back, but you'll get the idea.

This last shot is good and it is not a big deal the while bear is not in the shot, but I would drop the viniette, in my opinion it does not work with this picture.

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