The fly.


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Sep 11, 2006
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Belfast Ireland, just off the cavehill
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Hello,I got a new macro lens.The canon 60mm one.
So I set out one morning trying to shoot some close up stuff (unsuccessfully) lol when I found this fly bathing in he morning sun light.He was supprisingly willing to have his portrait taken. What do you think?
All C&C welcome.

The fly!
He's "cute".
But the DOF is surprisingly shallow for a dedicated macro lens. I get as shallow a DOF when I turn round my kit lens and use the reversed lens technique. I thought a dedicated macro lens might give you a tad more DOF after all, or how does Doenoe get his insect pics done where they are in focus through and through, I wonder? Ringflash and small aperture maybe? :scratch:
Yes I think the aperture I used was pretty large but this is a new lens and a new type of photography to me so not bad for a first try lol. I was thinking about a ring flash but wouldnt that scare off insects. Thanks for the super quick reply Lafoto and advice.

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