The Girl and the Broken Mirror


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Aug 15, 2006
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Last one for now :)

I dig the concept, I'm not liking the light on the girl. It shows that she is photochopped in to the image as the light isnt consistent between the images.

Have you tried other filters and colour conversions to try and blend it all together?
I would have to agree its all in the shadows. Tweak the shadows a bit to give a more natural lighting.

We'll have to see where it goes once I finish cleaning up a couple things.


It's not as seamless as some of your other work.

Thank you erose.

I understand. The difference between this image and another I have posted from others, is that they are conceptual 'mockups' of sorts. Since they take quite a bit of effort to produce, I like to post for a few days and make my decision whether it's worth the time it will take to finish it.

The concept was my main concern. After looking at it for a couple days here and elsewhere, judging reactions, etc, I liked it better than the variation I started. The odd light was the second of three issues I had to deal with. If I didn't get the first right, it would have went in the trash can and the lighting wouldn't have mattered.

Anyway, here's what I'm calling finished.


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