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Dec 11, 2007
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Canberra - Australia
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Tyler I really like a few elements of both of these photos.

the one major comment i'd like to make is in response to the second shot. as a general rule, you want to avoid making the horizon smack dab in the middle of the frame. it appears that this is the case for photo 2. there is a lot of dead sky above the sunset's important features, and one might say the very bottom of the pic is extraneous as well. Perhaps zooming in the future, and cropping this one, would help. All in all, some fine shots.
i don't agree with the "general rule" in regards to the position of the horizon. if it looks good, shoot it. good looking girl, hopefully she continues letting you take photos of her! sooner or later she may get sick of it!
I'm not going to break down all the elements of each photo, I'm more-or-less getting the 'snapshot' vibe from these ones as well. I think with a willing subject, a keen eye and patience we'll see some awesome stuff from you.

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