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Mar 28, 2008
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Muskoka Canada
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I got rid of the beard, so i figured i'd take a quick last shot. So i picked up the camera off the dresser, point the lens at my mug and that's all that remains of my beard. :(

Looks great... Now lets see if you have the guts to shave it off completely... Lets do a before and after.:lol:
The first is a tad dark, I guess you want to portray "The Mysterious Guy"? If so, then ... well... it seems to work.
Second one is best lit, we can at last see (and enjoy!) your curly eye lashes! Wow! Though I don't like that style of beard.
Did you dodge the catchlight in your far eye to make it this piercing in the last of the three? You DO give us a piercing stare in that one! :shock: :mrgreen:

Since you're so good at taking selfs, it is just "natural" (I say and insist :whip: ) that you take one of you WITHOUT the beard!
ha. i don't like the style either. but i can't resist trying everything silly on the way to getting rit of it. the second is uneditied i think. i put the camera in my sister's hand, aimed my flash to bounce and said press the button. the last one i put the auto focus on, held the camera at my waist and did a guess point and shoot into a mirror, not dodging. i'll get on the beardless one. a whip is a very convincing arguement.
The third one is my favorite... Cool shot. Your nickname is officially Wolverine. It's fabulous.... not sure if it's the beard, your eyes, or both.
Oh! :shock:
You have changed A LOT!
Looked at the series of pics (of which I didn't know the newest one had been added already) with my daughter (as she wanted to know who took the photo of the "cute, straight snake"), and when we arrived at the last, she exclaimed: "WHAT? That's him, too? He's ALL different now, hardly recognisable! Well, with the glasses and all...!"
ha! yes i should be a spy. fortunately my glasses are hardly necessary. they take the strain off, but i don't really need them so i have the option one way or the other. it's fun to mix it up. Beards are really only for vacations for me. that one was a two-three week stretch, so everyone at home was a bit shocked when i got back too.
You look kind of like "Sylar" on Heroes. Do you often find yourself splitting open peoples' skulls to examine how their brains work? :lol: :cheers:
You look kind of like "Sylar" on Heroes. Do you often find yourself splitting open peoples' skulls to examine how their brains work? :lol: :cheers:

bizzarre!!! that's not the first time i've heard that. and if i open my eyes wide and drop my eyebrows it's even creepier. i need the wolverine hair from pic#3 to complete the sylar look though. as far as the brains go, well... in a manner of speaking yes. i love trying to disect peoples minds, just not with my finger. ;)
it's none of them, it's the hair.

I can see the hair but it not the hair. Wolverine has a strength/power and its in your eyes. Your eyes are intense that's what it is... But I see what you saying about the hair plus the beard I think.

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