The legend of King Arther, merlin and the knights of the round table (14 pics)

fantastic series archangel! :D love the contrast/saturation and excellent compositions thruout....the witty banter made the seemingly-never-ending scrolling all the more worthwhile ;) :lol: :thumbup:
I love Arthurian legend. I love different aurthor's takes on the legen/history. I read one book that portrays merlin as a mad man that people fear and is a luney, then it turns out he is the god Pluto that was cast from mount olymbus by the vulgate (the first bible) which was proclaimed to be a god killing word. He stole the vulgate and was hiding it from the other gods to prevent them from destroying it. he cast it into the lake...the lady of the lake turned it into a god killing sword that song with truth and justice and morality. basically along those lines. I've read a few others
I'd say same as everyone, but as it was already said 20 times, I'll not bother repeating it :D

As I saw this series, I thought that it would be nice to make some others shootings in the same style, but at night. With long exposure times, the sea would become like wool (not sure of the word), something very soft. But's just an idea, you see ;)
They are awesome, but #3 with the main entrance does it for me. I like the textures and the way you caught some of the ocean horizon through the dorr..nice series!
hey thanks alot guys, really appreciate the comments :)
Awsome series AA. Fantastic ruins. I'm off to Devon weekend after next, I really must visit this place. Great, great post :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
thanks.... yea you should visit this if you can mohain, its an awsome place to see in person :)
Oh my.. these are just heightened with the 'probability', what a location! Just ripe with magic. And the photos are so clear and beautiful, with great angles to make them interesting and add drama. Just astounding. I would love to see these in a photobook or something. If you make one at and sell it through their site, I'd buy it for sure!

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