The little one crawling through the store


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Dec 24, 2005
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She was in the pet store and crawling through the back of the bottom shelf behind the empty cardboard boxes mind you, she just jumped in there like lightning fast, I just waited for her to come out and SNAP :wink:

I'm surprised no one commented yet! This is so cute!! I love her expression and the colors :) Definately captured the moment! well done!
love composition and facial expression. It seems to be lacking in clarity though. Maybe its just my tired eyes
She is growing up way too fast. Come on Dad, stop letting her do that! ;)

Ok, now for a useful comment on the photo itself...the color is very vivid, but her face is yellow. However, her expression makes up for any technical imperfection. :)

Im willing to bet she is your favorite subject to photograph. Thanks for sharing this. Kids do love crawl spaces. :)

hahaha, yes you are right they grow FAST......

there was some funky light in there from the birdcages and I think it gave that yellow, but hey, its ONLY jaundice !!!

muhahaha, JK

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