The Matrix



anybody seen the matrix 2 yet? i have...and now i have a friggin headache. thanks keanu,...thanks alot.

it was great! not in the sense of the first movie, but it was great nonetheless, left you hanging a bit much though...we shall see in november.

Did you stay past the credits? The trailer for the third Matrix follows and it looks phat.

I really enjoyed the movie. My only complaints was I thought the CG faces looked a little too CG. That whole dance club/love scene was worthless.
Voodoo I thought the love scene was pointless until I listened very close to what the architect said. It made sense after that. and sadly i didnt stay past thwe credits but i have seen a shot of keanu fighting in the rain. I believe its from part 3. The cg looked a little rubbery but the wire work and the fight scenes , i think, were great overall.

I really liked the movie, but i didn't like some of the animated fighting. It just didn't seem that real too me. That scene where all the smiths are fighting Neo seemed pretty cheap to me.
I find it amazing that I've never seen more realistic CG graphics then the intro to the video game Soul Blade that came out almost 8 years ago (and yes I'm a geek).
Despite some of the CG in the Matrix 2 it is a really cool movie and it's worth checking out if you haven't already seen it.
BTW..I didn't stick around for the credits either. Does anyone know where I could find the trailer online?
Nobody has been able to completely bring a human to life using polygons IMHO. There have been major improvements but it's not there yet. I really thought the preview was worth the wait so go see it again :p

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