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    In my discussions with Pentax, I voiced some of my observations about the Pentax K10D and what I would like to see. These were rather simple and could be addressed in the next models. Unfortunately some of those suggestions cannot be addressed in Firmware updates. These changes must be implemented to convince other professionals that Pentax provides all of the expected solutions demanded by most pro's.

    The first issue I discussed was the lack of an input for studio flash. That in my opinion was a flagrant oversight considering the simplicity of doing so.

    The flash synchro could go as high as 1/250 th of a second, allowing those using fill flash outdoors to decrease their depth of field.

    The AWB must be improved. There is no reason that the AWB cannot be closer to 5500k when rectifying mixed sources.

    All of the lenses manufactured by Pentax should not have any BF or FF issues. There have been inconsistencies with the 21-Limited lens. This kind of insecurity associated with using this lens does not add to user confidence. The fear of the subject being out of focus while doing a pro shoot and being paid for it does not reflect well on the photographer, if the images are out of focus.

    A shooting speed of 5 fps for intermediate models would help to convince those photographers shooting action, not to use the 3.3 fps excuse for not switching to Pentax. The high end version could shoot up to 7 fps.

    Pentax may have to compete against Sony, Nikon and Canon in the larger sensor size arena. If the norm becomes FF or perhaps a 1.25 factor and it becomes the standard across the board, Pentax must be prepared to, either take the lead and do so at a price point that is reminiscent of the pro Canon or Nikon bodies that sold for around 2k dollars. I know that if Pentax were to go FF or 1.25, many pro's would consider them. As we all know, sensor size attracts certain profiles that feel insecure unless those criteria are satisfied.

    A Pentax body without integral flash. Most pro's use off camera flash and rarely use the flash provided with the camera. Perhaps the intermediate bodies could integrate the flash in to camera.

    Improve the "SR" as well as the sensor cleaning mechanism.

    The capacity to choose to shoot from 50-3200 iso with an option to go to 6400 iso with improved noise performance.

    That would do nicely for my own use...You can add your own.

    Other than that, the K10D is almost perfect.


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