Pentax cameras old and new.

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Jan 20, 2023
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I have a Pentax film camera the ZX7 and I have the ist* and two of the K20D and I can shoot them effectively and I can out shoot most anyone with any of those cameras... I went with Pentax because they do not change the lens mounts like the others do. Also the K20D is weather sealed to get a weather sealed in the others, last I knew, you were up there in price. Another plus with Pentax is the image stabilization is in the body not the lens. I have had people tell me I can't shoot sports action with a lower line camera, I have and have solid images to show for it.

The ist* is effective but the K20D is more comfortable. It's cleaner as it is better sealed. It's just easier to shoot with.....But you do not get better images.....I could put down 10 ist* images and 10 K20D images and you'd not know which was shot with which camera.

I should look at the newer Pentax......I would upgrade for a full frame camera.... My associate who shoots for National Geographic told me that a full frame camera pretty much eliminates the need for a tripod.

I should add a prime lens or a true macro.....For macro right now it's just my 70-300 zoom macro which is not a true macro.
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