The old homestead - color or black/white?


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Aug 6, 2012
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near St Louis
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The old house sits on a bluff in southern Missouri. I can only imagine the views from the back of the house. Not sure how close the Meramac river is out back. If we head that way again I plan on finding out who owns the house and permission to shoot closer. There are a few other homes down the rock road I could stop and ask. This is still a working farm.


I think the conversion works better for me.
I definitely like the B&W better. Nice conversion.
I like the color, rust on the roof makes it.

B&W in winter when the leaves are gone would show more of the house.
In this case I prefer the color version. I feel that in your black and white conversion the shadows are too dark.
For me, neither. I agree with @Derrel that in the B&W the shadows lost detail, and with others that the rust on the roof is an added feature. However the green grass/trees is somewhat overpowering the structure.

I would look at either desaturation or Sepia. I know many abhor selective color, but desaturation combined with selective color adjustment would allow you to highlight the best and minimize the rest. Something like this?
Sepia and old buildings IMO just go together, and would allow the rust to come through better then the B&W. Something like this?
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Thanks for everyone's feedback. I do like the color for the rust in the roof. Agree the black/white has lost shadows. This was taken from the road with the 35mm. Maybe with the 18-55 would have given me more space? Hopefully I can go back to this area and find the owner. I would love to go inside.
I like that the color of the rust is echoed in the color of the flowers below those windows, and that there is blue in the textures of the house. So there is a lot going on in the color version which appeals to me. I think the darkest tones in the color version are just as blocked as in the b/w version.

There is also a plethora of texture which lends itself to the mono version. That the blacks are blocked in the trees doesn't bother me at all. I'd like for the blacks in those big windows to be a bit less dark so that there would be a hint of something inside to lend some mystery.
Fascinating that there's a no concensus in our opinions - I thought the vote would be a walk-over for the color version (the rusted roof and the separation of shadows from leaves made it for me), so was interesting to read the counter views. Nice shot either way.

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