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hoooo I'm envious.

I just traded in my 2004 R32 (not as fast as your STI, but still quick) for an Acura TL SH-AWD 6 spd. It's a VERY nice car, but not a second goes by that I don't miss the sportier car.

Beautiful ride, nice pics. If you REALLY bombed down that dirt road, though, your car would be dead. :lol:
Arrrr nice :hail:
btw, nice trick putting the watermark on the wooden structure. I totally missed it before. Very clevah. :)
Makes me miss my 08.5 speed3... Beautiful car, I've always wanted one.
Thank you very much guys, I appreciate all the positive comments. I love this car so whenever I have free time and dont know what to do I just take it out and shoot it. Its always something I can work on to make my photography a little better and experiment with. Shooting cars was what got me into photography at first and its just expanded from there. Once again thanks everyone Im glad you enjoyed.
As much as I like the car, the pictures aren't doing it for me. I'm completely bored of automotive photography. You had something going with #1, but I don't like how you're shooting down on the car.

I need to get a set of those wheels on my '09.
Cool little rice burner, doesn't look right on the two track in photo #1. Good solid photo's.
Car threads always crack me up. You guys get all hot and bothered over cars you used to have. lol
I know the pics arent for everyone but I actually really like these. And mishele, to be fair I still own this car, not used to have :)
I thought I recognized your username... And your car from GPONA. Turns out I was right. Very nice.

And Mishele, it's a car guy thing. Don't even get me started on the cars I've had. There aren't that many but good god I could bore you to death with all the details if you want. I don't even like my current car and I still use it as a photographic subject.
I thought I recognized your username... And your car from GPONA. Turns out I was right. Very nice.

Caught me lol. Im on a few forums, GPONA, NASIOC and a local tuner forum as well. Its pretty easy for people to find me because all of my names are pretty close to each other including instagram and twitter so I always have someone saying "is that you from...?" And it always is me lol. Thanks for all your positive comments man.

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