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Jul 3, 2004
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Here in Taipei there's a specific area where you will find a dense cluster of photo related shops and services. One store is particularly interesting to me. It's a repair shop. They don't do retail, so it's a strictly for repair only. Imagine a shoe repair shop... it's just like that.

The shop is really small, only a door width literally. There's no "floor space". Upon walking through the glass doors, you are greeted by the attendant at the counter. Then you will realize that the store goes downwards like a flight of stairs going into a basement and you see old technicians working at their work bench, each on a step. I took my camera there for sensor cleaning and it was done in no time. It's very nice to have a "walk-in" option for camera repairs, definitely beats sending it back to who knows where.



That's pretty neat!
How cool is that!
Thats super cool
lol That's a lot of camera shops!!
Cool beans, M_C!!! Thanks for posting these shots!
Neat little photo essay. Thanks.
Also right on the counter, there's a small spinning shelf with little drawers. Inside the drawers are tiny screws of all sorts that you can imagine. If you lose one of yours, you can probably find a replacement there. I once lost a few screws on my point and shoot and a small binoculars. They had them!

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