The Politics of Fashion Photography Part 26 How Many Calls are Too Many Calls


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Feb 8, 2007
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How Many Calls are Too Many Calls? I guess it all comes down to where you are and which culture you are dealing with…But How Many Calls are Too Many?

I spoke to a buddy of mine that was told by a potential client in not so many words, that he was calling too much or sending too many e-mails etc…

Well, my feeling is that until either your e-mails have been acknowledged, your phone call received and acknowledgement of intent communicated and next steps are taken, that those efforts have effectively fallen on deaf ears.

Well, what I have also experienced is just that..When are you overdoing it? I guess you never really know until the proverbial "SH-T" hits the fan and it is already too late to go back.

Leaving a message only works in hindsight as you only find out if the message was received if that message is acknowledged and returned.

There is nothing worse than getting a message that says,"I got your MESSAGES!" What most people on the receiving end don't realize is that those looking for work i.e. agents representing photographers, models,etc. and photographers themselves are all vying to work and to do so they MUST communicate with potential clients.

I guess the lesson to be learned here is to believe that in most cases people really do receive your e-mails and messages even if they don't confirm that they did so…

Have a Nice Weekend and Good Luck…

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I hate the door knocking salesfolks. It has decreased significantly at my house. I don't know if its the kitty or the glock they see when I open the door decreasing my sales traffic.
This should be in the Pro photographer forums rather than beyond basics but here's my philosophy.
Do you want to be the photographer who loss out on a client because you gave up after 9 calls when you would have succeeded at 10 calls?
Keep on contacting till the client gives you a definite "No." Not before and not after.

If this client says no now...he can move on. He has lost nothing essentially.
Call me 9 times and I don't care what you are selling, I'll take my business elsewhere

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