The popular question: what lense?


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Mar 12, 2010
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Hi, I am thinking to buy a new macro lense! Whee, how exiting isn't it? But I don't really know what model should I get (yea, as always). I want to photo small, crispeh objects, but my expenses limit me to hm, 1.2k Ltl, so thats about 350 euros, well I mean I have saved that much (the much word doesn't really fit here). If you guys think that I should save more, then how much more? I want a good quality lense, but not too pro, not with pointing lasers and stuff.
Thank you in advance :]
350 euros is about 450 US dollars. So for $450...

Tamron 90mm macro. It's a super sharp lens, focuses reasonably well (just a little bit less perfect than the 100mm canon) and doubles as a great portrait lens.

The reasons I chose this - you didn't say if you had Nikon, Canon, Sony... Tamron makes this lens for all bodies though. Also, it fits your budget exactly.

It's the macro lens I'd like to get... I'm very happy with my wide Tamron lens.
Oh really forgot about that, i have Canon btw, how much is the little better canon?

That's the one Bitter was referring to. It's a GREAT lens. One of Canon's better lenses, and it's affordable. It's known to be a very sharp lens as well.

The Tamron is just as sharp if not even sharper, but it doesn't auto focus as accurately or as quickly.

I don't own either lens but I read a ridiculous amount of crap online. You might want to check into it yourself.

I doubt you'd be disappointed with either choice.
Tamron 90mm f/2.8 macro over the Canon 100/2.8 USM. I prefer the Tamron's rendering of out of focus highlights to that of the 100mm Canon,which has a sharp-sided diaphragm.
If you had a nikon I'd suggest an older ais micro nikkor for $100 or so, but you have a canon so you're going to be spending some $$. ;)
And what do you think about the quality of the parts? Is Tamron reliable? I dont want half of the lens falling apart after a year :D (I'm asking this because i'm not really familiar with Tamron)

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