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Jul 9, 2003
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Sydney, Australia
This is more a question out of curiousity than anything else. But only having owned a digital camera, and already having a good printer and photographic paper (from my uni days), I've never experienced dropping off a roll of film to get it developed.

So anyway, the question to those that get photos developed by someone else (ie not doing it yourself in a darkroom, and not those who are digital), is "How much do you spend on getting film processed?"

Try to keep your amounts in US Dollars so that we can standardise things a bit.
if i may, nukie:

to help organize thoughts, anyone that posts a reply should really specify -

1) color negative
2) b&w negative
3) transparency (slides)
4) any push/pull processing on the above
5) were prints included in the price? what size?
6) how many exposures on the roll?

sorry to hijack your thread.
Okay, for the most part I shoot transparencies. Figure the following as costs-

Film: $4.25 - $5.50 (36 exposures)
Processing: $7.25/roll (local custom lab)
Push process: $2.00 (on top of processing cost) the one time I did it.

Figure an average of @12/roll. I shoot an average of 2-4 rolls a month. I shoot twice as many digital shots as I shoot film. I'm getting to where I use the digital as a polaroid shot before I shoot the film. Kinda handy for that. Not totally accurate, but it's a good ballpark starting point.

here in bahrain,

Film ( 36 exposures ) - $4

processing and prints -$11
( they give u back a film 4 free so if u love kodak have it processed by kodak :wink: )...oh, i forgot they give you 1 free 6x8 print too :roll:

push- (havent tried it yet)
You've never had a roll developed nukie?!

Its too late in the evening for my brain to function with numbers and dollar signs, but I guess it works out about double. Im posting in Australian dollars.

I prolly shoot on average lately, 4 a month, generally 24exp, costing between $6-$12 a roll
I pay $7.95 a roll or up to $10 depending on how lazy I am in where I take them.
I prolly do a B &W roll once every couple of months which costs $10-$12 for the roll itself and then at least $20 for developing.
I once had some B & W shots from Ireland done and the lab kindly put them on matte and had pretty lil white borders put around without my knowledge ending up costing me about $80 for 2 rolls of film.

I wont even discuss what the stupid holga cost me with its 120 film.

So yeah, nukie, film is expensive!!!! I think I deserve a discount at my developer's for the business I give them.
Here in the UK, for colour negs i use Jessops who charge ÂŁ3.50 for developing of negs, i then scan them in and print the ones off i want. Somethimes i might get an index card which costs 99p per film

I generally do most of my work with black and white film, and develop it myself. I can't really see the point of having a lab do it... after a few rolls, you've already paid for the equipment you need with the money you've saved, and it gives you much more control over the creative process. For colour film, if I bought pro film I would take it to a pro lab, and just get it developed without prints. The cost of the film varies quite a bit, of course. NPH goes for almost $8/roll, Portra 160VC $10/roll. Expensive stuff! It's about $5/roll (36 exposure) for developing only at a pro place around here. For cheap film, the minilab near here will do that for about $1/roll. (All prices USD)

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