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Nov 15, 2017
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I created a thread like this after I purchased an R6 as means for others to share thoughts about the camera. It is not a review.

I got the call that my R7 was at the shop a week ago and would have to wait one week to get my hands on it as I was a continent away.

A little background. Before that R6 I had (still have) a 6D Mark II. I wanted a pro grade crop sensor as I shoot sports and wildlife. I got tired of waiting for the 7D Mark III so I bought a 7D Mark II. When the R7 was announced I got on the list immediately hoping it was a crop sensor R6. I knew it would not be as tough as the 7D Mark II which I will keep to shoot in the rain.

I've only shot with the R7 once and here are three photos from last evening, the day I received it. The 7D Mark II is fantastic for daytime sports but the AF cannot compare to what is in the R6/7. Also, it is OK in low light but once you shoot with the R6 nothing can compare. I was hoping that ISO 6400 would be usable on the R7. It is.

These shots are edited JPGs as DXO PhotoLab does not yet support the R7. Raws would certainly be better. All three are at ISO 6400 and all are cropped though the two frog shots, minimally. The lens is a Canon 300mm 2.8 IS L with a Canon 2x Teleconverter Mark III L making this equivalent to 960 f 5.6 960mm. This combo was not very good on the 7D MII but the R7 nails focus and has 33% more pixels. Without the teleconverter, this lens/body combination is stunning, and I cannot wait for (American) football season to start.

Would I get it again...I thought it would cost more. Yes.

Please share your images and thoughts.



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