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Dec 12, 2006
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Hmm... this is one of those shots that I look at and say "Either it's quite genius in it's editing (in this case the extreme blue cast) or just bad editing for an over-reaching effect."

In this case I think it falls, unfortunatly, in the latter situation. I can almost feel the emotions you were going for, and the color blue does lend well to that sort of situation, but the red shoes (an understated subject) don't do enough to push the eye of the viewer towards them.

Plus the overcast on them makes them purple instead of blue. I wonder if an edit to just the SHOES to make them actually red, surrounded by blue, might help?
P.S. this picture from your photo blog is outstanding:

Thanks...Yes this is new country for me and there's a lot to figure out and a huge shortage of models :lol: I'll keep hammering away at it. Thanks for the feedback :thumbup:
Unfortunately I have to agree with RMT.

I think you were going with something with her having her eyes closed, but for me it feels like the eyes should be open on this one.

Thanks...Actually this was just a test shot of the lighting. What I was going for the model would never let me put online :lol: I fired off quite a few as lighting tests and this was one of them. Her eyes were closed and because it was just a test I didn't care, but later, when I got a look at it I thought it was a fair take. I'd love to post some of the actual shoot but shed have me killed ;)

Here's another test shot from the same session


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