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Feb 10, 2006
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Did you know that there are 7000 members of TPF that have never made a single post?

yeah all right I'm bored
I'm one of them! Well, until now. I just never quite know what to post. I don't really have any questions to ask, and I never really seem to have the answers, so I just kind of keep quiet and lurk and absorb.

So, here's my first post. Yay! And Hello! :thumbup:
I've been a member since June of this year and enjoy photography. I'll welcome the new members and add advice to those I think I can help but rarely post any photos. I'm still learning and don't think my photos are that good.

I too see many new members and wonder what happens after they introduce themselves.

I'll try to post more and even get up the courage to post some of my photos.
I can go off people you know! :(
Wow, you must have been bored!!! But at least you got 10-16 to make an inaugural post! (Hi 10-16, and welcome!
my work here is done!

so long TPF!
well, i'm new and i'm already clocking up posts faster than a dodgy car salesman clocks up some rusty old banger!

There are a hell a lot of lurkers - you see a lot of people always signed in that never post. I guess some people just like to read and chill on it :)

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