The Smell of Paradise

If that is the smell of paradise I don't want any of it...

doesn't look very friendly.

Maybe you can explain your title or... change it.
Think a portrait with her in this setting would be much more effective with a tighter crop. Or with a other background, the green grass don't do anygood for your image here. Her eye and face is interesting, try tighten the crop to get a more intens photo :)
The skin has been processed strangely and has lost saturation. It almost looks like her skin is made of concrete. Or like she's hypoxic, or even dead and losing color. Don't like the processing on the skin at all. Just looks really screwed up to me.

As far as the composition, I like it, although I'd prefer to see her head moved to the upper left third of the frame, rather than the right. It just feels like shes jammed in the corner, and my eyes never get led to look towards the bottom left of the frame because not much is going on there. When I look at this photo, my eyes immediately focus on her eyes, which is a good start to a portrait composition. My eyes simply aren't held in the frame long enough after that though, the diagonal line formed by her left shoulder immediately pulls my eye right out of the photo, at which point I, as a viewer, have lost interest and will move on. You need to use leading lines to keep a persons eye bouncing around the photo for a bit, rather than pulling it out of the frame.
I agree about the strange skin coloring, especially near the hair line where it is more noticable against the scalp color and around her right eyebrow
I think it's sharpened in the lightness channel of LAB mode, that's why.

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