The streets of Athens


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Oct 26, 2007
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I spent new years in the Athens area (Athens Georgia). I dont get down there near as much as I would like to. These pictures were taken New Years Eve but during the daytime. The ugly weather we have had for about 2 weeks just broke away that afternoon, and I figured I would get out and try and get just a few shots before the streets filled with party goers. I dont think I got much, but here is a few anyway...

Some of the streets reminded me a lot of Savannah Georgia, but without that quintessential coastal feel.


It begins to get dark so early now, and there wasnt much I could do about the looming shadows everywhere :(

It was just so nice to see a little color for once


It is a very fun city to visit, and it is a die hard football town, so i wouldnt show up wearing the rivals colors by accident. Not out at the bars at night anyway lol
Where is everybody? Watchin' UGA take out Hawaii, eh?

Oh, never mind, that was New Year's Eve, the game was New Year's day. Nice shots. It seems like a nice town. But, I've seen college towns, they can get, well, not so awesome sometimes. HAHA. Good shots.
Thanks, I usually try very hard to keep pedestrians out of my shots, as much as possible. Yeah, school was out then, so the town doesnt really get to kick'n till about dark, thats when they start up. I tried to get out there about 2-3pm, but was suffering a little myself that afternoon. I needed a little quite before the storm lol
My sister usually calls those all-pedestrian-free photos of townscapes "nucelar-bomb-photography": all buildings still intact, all people gone. I tend to share her view, it puts in some more life into townscapes if said town is "lived in" and the viewer gets some "proof" of the fact.

That said, I still like your photos here and am happy to hear you had a colourful day with a clear blue sky, and if it only was half the day, it was more than nothing.

As to the shadows that you so deplore: I really LOVE them and Photo 2 is easily my favourite here - or let's say: its left half is; all that is on the right is boring and says nothing. But that building WITH THOSE SHADOWS (!) is cool and its paint goes well with that marvellous sky you had then!

The last just appears to be a bit soft, I don't know why that is so?
Thanks for your critique of photo #2, it is easily my favorite as well. I really like the shadows of the stairs projected on to the wall, but its the shadows that blanket the entire bottom quarter of the photo that bother me. It's not as evident now because of all the PP I did in LightRoom. The completely clear sky, combined with the bright sun going down behind the building across the street casted a blackness over everything. Had I gotten the shot about an hour sooner, I think I could have gotten the same interesting shadows from the stairs and various other objects without the horizontal shadow from the building across the street. With that said, I really agree with you that it needs to be cropped. I'll take a shot at it when I get home tonight (cant do it at work :) )
I'm sure to some of the people that live there it should be a country... lol

I just realized last night that all this picture (and pretty much all of my others) have been uploaded to the net under the wrong color space. They are vastly different than I wanted them to be represented :(

I will be updating all my photos with new exports (sRGB)'s

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