The unfortunate well


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Nov 2, 2009
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That's a very nice shot.

Just can't fit very well the title.
Excellent... i thought the same way as actino.... if you failed naming suitably it may even affect how people look at it :D

By the way, is that a well or a basket? ;)

I would call it "Eye Of Sky" ;)

Regards :D
Thanks :) - I was trying to give it an eerie H.P. Lovecraft / E.A. Poe feeling, shot up a very old water well.
To me it looks like the photographer (who apparently must have FALLEN ;) into that deep well and now can no longer get out :gah: is more unfortunate than the well itself!!! But at least the last thing he did before he gradually died from hunger (and thirst? In a well?) was take a cool photo ... plus he still managed to upload it to here for all of us to see! How :scratch: ??? ;)
Misleading title, but simply a great photograph. I love it. Just one question: How did you get down to the bottom of the well which I'm assuming was devode of water, and then out.
An absolutly excellent image! I'd be interested in how you shot it.
I would call it "The Eye of the Well".. the way you shot it, it looks like an eye... with a catchlight.. with heavily textured reptilian skin around it.... Very cool!
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Have you considered trying a horizontal flip? The result would be that the viewer's eye will enter the scene form the bottom-left corner, then go up, reach the "eye" on the top-right corner, and then go back down. If a photo can keep the eye of the viewer from leaving the frame (especially if the eye goes once and again back to the point of entry), then half the battle is won.

Pretty cool shot, by the way.
Thanks a lot for the feedback, the title became incomprehensible word-for-word translation from Swedish - my bad indeed :)

It's not an actual well - it's an old lime kiln , so I could get in through a small hole in the base.

Invisible: Flipping it , as you suggested - did indeed work well :)
Frequency, come look! Krister is back! He managed to climb out of the "well", after all. (In other words, he opened the door at the bottom of that lime kiln and simply stepped out ... hmph. Sooo simple!)
Whereabouts in Sweden are you, Krister. I saw those lime kilns (only from their outside, mind you) on Gotland.
I am in the very south - Trelleborg in Skåne. In fact the kiln is located at the southernmost point of the Scandinavian Peninsula; Smygehuk.
Ah, now I'm getting an idea: we once arrived there and drove on, up to Sjö Mien in Småland ... but we never looked for an old lime kiln there then ;)

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