The wedding day.

Emanuel M

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Mar 19, 2015
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Vintage edition of my wedding car :p

Don't know why, but i like this noisy vintage look ;)
It's the classyness of the car maybe.

Cool! How did you get the picture to be so grainy? Could I see the original? :1219:
Of course you can ;)
I edited on Lightroom, converted to B&W, bumped up the contrast and decreased the exposure a bit.
Then I've exported the photo to Photoshop and added the grain - on filters you have the option to add grain ;)
And voilá :p


Cool! I like the processing and the car!
Nice car. But why grain should be consider an element of vintage look ? Big grain and short dynamic range are rather attributes of bad skills. Oh, well, that was common in predigital era. Now computers make up for it.
Congratulation on your wedding !
I know ;)
I went for pre-digital look :p

Thanks for the comments.
the noise looks forced, not like vintage grain. Everything just looks the same gray -- even if it was shot on slow film there should more tonal range throughout the image.

I think B&W works better on this image, but not as converted here.
It's the first time I do something like this...
I have all the versions with me, including these.



But I liked the grainy version a bit more ;)
I guess it depends on the mood...

Honestly, I'm more puzzled about why you chose not to wait 'til the dude in the orange shirt was out of the frame (or simply remove him in post).
The "dude" is the priest :p
This Photo wasn't taken by me.
I was already inside waiting for my wife ;)
But I have all raw photos from the day to edit as I like...


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