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This Butterfly is one of the fist photos i ever took with a DSLR

I love the detail in its wings! A little over-saturated but understandable for a first pic.

I also used to love photographing butterflies when I was first getting into photography. I still remember using $5 macro filters to decrease my focusing distance. :)
thanks i had some kind of screw on macro filter, probably used it for this shot, it was such a pain hand held getting a photo with good focus but i got a few good ones and a bunch of blurry ones.

back in those days i think i got crazy with the processing, i had a few different programs i used to process the images and i would use all of them on a image, i still really like this photo. i look at some of my older photos that i still have and think i wish i would not have done this crazy processing to this but you live and learn, i had no clue what i was doing back than.
Haha I did the same thing. Looking back on my old pictures, there are some really terribly processed ones. I often pumped up the saturation, contrast, and clarity too much.
Yep, make it look cool not good haha

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