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This is a girl...


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Nov 3, 2007
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what do want me to say? it's blurry, unfocused and grainy as hell - seriously i wouldn't put these attempts up for critique
the blur looks unreal, in particular to the sides.
I like this one a lot. I don't know how you could say more.

However, if that is a yellow body of water, your horizon is markedly crooked. :lol:
Yes, that is obvious, but the question is, did you want it to be that obvious?

I have another version of the image and to be honest I like both. Here it is:


Also, here's another similar photo you can look at:

I have to give credit where I feel it's due - I actually like this one (the original). I don't want to over analyze it, but it has the feel of a painting. Just my little ol' two cents... :)
I'll be honest, the last one is actually good in my opinion.

Rob, your work is interesting to say the least, some of it looks cool, some of it looks awful, but most of it is unique. I actually enjoy your threads.
I very much like the last one.

And the unblurred version of the first one i prefer to the blurred one ... alot.
The blurred one looks just like artificial blur, whereas the slightly blurred original carries a sense of fast motion in the late evening sun.
I actually like them both. Actually listening to some trippy ambient right now, and they fit in rather well. Very artistic!

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