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Mar 10, 2007
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Had an ear infection for the last week and the best efforts of the medical profession are not achieving the desired results. As a consequence, I'm temporarily deaf on my right side and rattle in anything above a gentle breeze due to the number of pills I've been taking. Wish it would just fix itself and be quick about it. :er:
ouch! Ear infections are painfull!

hope things get better for you soon - normaly these things burn themselves out after so long!
Sorry to hear that. Maybe it could be a result of your sinuses as well. Not just an ear infection. Hope things work out for you sooner than later.
Ugh....painful is right!!!!

....My "Oma" used to iron a cloth, and I would rest my head on it (warm side to infected ear)....not sure if it's "sound medical practice" these days, LOL....but it sure felt good!!!!!!

Hope you are on the mend!!!!!
I think we're getting there. Went to the ENT specialist today. Got some sort of suction in there and liberal application of something applied - I go back in a week, but the best part is I can drop all the tablets in the bin. Some progress at last.
I've had one of those before, got it within a matter of hours! Started to sneeze like crazy and next thing you know, my hearing was partially gone, and I had the most stuffed up nose. I couldn't believe it happened within 2 hours while I was at work. It was so random! It hit so fast. Hopefully yours gets better! :)

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