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This is what I don't like when shooting VB in the gym.


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Dec 5, 2017
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SF Bay Area, California, USA
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I spend several minutes LOOKING for the ball in the full picture.
I went back and forth with the next pic, where I could see the ball against the wall, trying to figure out where the ball was.
I FINALLY found the ball, camouflaged against people in the bleachers (pic below).
It was worse because the ball was not brightly colored.

I have one that was by dumb luck even worse.
The ball was perfectly in front of one of the spectators, and not between them like in the pic above.
That ball was HARD to find.

For the photographers, I sometimes wished they used bright yellow balls, like the girls lacrosse and softball do.
But I still have to put up with the spectators that show up in BRIGHT NEON colored jackets, so maybe that won't work either.

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