This took me awhile CC

I think this is well done. The eyes really pop

The portrait looks like a woman in her home by the background.
She looks more pre-ocupied with the housework than being photographed

Also like the minimum use of colour are correct!!
Very Dave Hill-esque. Always been a fan of this style, so long as it's used sparingly/appropriately.
maybe for a guy it looks good. Not loving it on this gal.
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maybe for a guy it looks good. Not long it on this gal.

I like it. It may not be very flattering to her, but photography is not always about being flattering. This same photo could probably have been processed to be lighter and smooth her skin - a much more flattering view of her, but a completely different feel to the image and a completely different story told.
I think it's great. It's given the shot a dark, gritty feel. I'm a fan of the effect in general and think you've made a pretty good job of it. They eyes are a little overcooked for my liking, but as a whole, it looks great. :)
This photo begs for environment.... the grittiness (for me) needs a story to justify it.... maybe I just lack imagination, though. I would have used a longer lens and shown the room. Otherwise, well done, despite being overplayed.

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