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Nov 2, 2005
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Recently got the chance to shoot a group of Judoka while training. During some practise fight this situation occured. I don't really know any Judo but this is actually a throw which is initiated by the thrower jumping in the air and therefore looks quite spectacular. There was however only little light in the room which forced me to go up to ISO800 to get at least a bit of environmental light. The image therefore is noisy. But enough talking, just look on your own.


Critic and comments are appreciated.
Haha good timing.
I like the expressions on that persons face in the background. :lol:
ohh this brings out good memories about when i was hooked on tae-kwon-do, got my ass whupped once by a judo guy, he threw me hard to the floor with something like this, believe me, it hurts, took me out for good
Love the freeze of them tangled in the air. It would look better with a cleaner background, i.e. no radiators or the spectator... however this is a factor beyond your control. Great job :)

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