thoughts on adapter rings


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Dec 13, 2007
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hi guys was curious to your guys take and possibly expert advice on the adapter rings they sell. exp: used to mount a nikon lens to a olympus etc. i would really appreciate some pro's and cons on doing this thanks for the help. jason
Only certain combos work well. It depends on the lens mount to film/sensor plane distance for each brand. For instance that distance is shorter on Nikon's than Canon's. An adapter works for the Canon adapter to mount a Nikon lens because the adapter is as thick as the difference between the C and N distance. This permits that conversion to focus at infinity. Mounting a Canon to Nikon and still focus to infinity requires an adapter that has glass in it. This is like a low power tele-converter and changes the effective focal length of the lens. I am not sure about the specific conversion you mention.

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