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Mar 4, 2013
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So, first of all, I'm just right now incredibly thankful to have gotten to take these pictures. My graitndfather fell again last night and we couldn't get him out of the house today. We actually took these while he's in pain and right before we loaded him up to take him to the ER. Both grandparents are struggling and we might not get a chance to take these again. So I'm happy to have them.

However, I was playing with my flash and I think I still had the light off.

I was shooting a t4i, with a 50 mm lens (it was the only lens that would work that I had with me since we couldn't get them outside). I was using a speedlight 430exII.

I adjusted it but I think maybe I still need some additional adjustment. It was a low light situation. But I still think I overexposed them a bit
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Serviceable lighting. You managed to avoid eyeglass glares, avoided ugly shadows, and pulled ample depth of field and focus.
My only thought is that maybe a slightly cooler WB would help; these seem quite warm and yellow to my eye.
Nice looking family, well done to me.

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I agree, change the WB and perhaps next time try bouncing the flash
I agree, change the WB and perhaps next time try bouncing the flash
Hmm, I was bouncing the flash, I guess maybe not enough. I was having a hard time in a dark environment not having so much flash that it overexposed. If you look at my daughter's cheeks they're a little blown out.

I'll play with the WB some more. Both grandparents are very yellow - that's their actual color

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