Three Beach Shots of Lake Michigan

Mike Lamb

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Jun 7, 2009
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From SW Michigan



I am still learning all the technical business, but I really like all three of these. The first is my favourite I think.
My favorite is the second.....
First one has an over sharpened look-a bit. ; yet could very well create some heavy mood
Third one is a unique shot; like this too

Thanks all.
Picture 1 is very dramatic. Try lowering the horizon to the 1/3 point to further emphasize that dramatic sky. Picture 2 is a nice seascape. Well exposed, and has a nice feel to it. I really don't understand picture 3. You're too far away from the sea shells/rocks to make them a strong main subject, which has nothing to do with the dogs legs.
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The first one is the cream of the crop for me, I really like it. I do agree with Frequency about it being oversharpened, to the point that the water doesn't even look like water anymore. The horizon is 1 or 2 degrees crooked – an easy fix. I personally would've preferred the reds to be less saturated, but then again this is the artist's choice. The top purple streak looks a bit unnatural to me though, not sure how that happened. I also think you went a bit too far in the processing of the clouds, the top-centre portion being the most overcooked. But like I said, most of these are artistic choices so mine is just one opinion.

Number 2 I find too busy, to the point that my eyes don't know where to look or where to go from there. I would either crop the top 40% (making this a panorama in which the sand/rocks are the clear subject) or the bottom 15-20%. Once again, a personal opinion.

I find #3 interesting, it kinda tells a little story, which I like.

I hope you don't find my C&C too harsh. If I hadn't found these images interesting I would've just moved on without commenting.
Thanks again. All comments are good.
#1 is cool... I like it, even with the oversharpening.. gives it a textured look that I like! Almost painted!

#2 Busy.. not much there.. hard to say where to focus.. no real subject

#3.. don't care for this one....

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