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Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by fadingaway1986, Aug 25, 2004.

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    Well... Today I was supposed to be working at 10.30.. at 8.50, work rings - just to check i was on my way - (my mum answered - i was still in bed)... Mum says - of course she's not - it doesnt take that long to get there... To which they say - but she is starting at 9!

    WELL... Mum comes in - Alecia - they need you to start at 9... I look at the clock -- (a few words follow)... I jump up - run and have a shower - get dressed - run back to my room - do my hair - back to the bathroom - brush my teeth - grab my shoes & socks and jump in the car... (Mum drives me)...

    I get there - and clock on at 9.05... WOW! On any normal day I would still be in the shower after that long... But I tell ya what - I felt like i smelt. lol...

    AND THEN... (I was already grumpy because i had been made to get out of bed)... The boss comes in looking for my roster - because he tells me that I was supposed to be there at 8.30... WELL - he won't be coming looking for rosters when i am around again...

    AND THEN... The stupid c-41 thing jammed... (we think one of the leaders were bent)... And I didn't hear it banging - cause i was doing passport photos... And the boss came past, and heard it... etc. etc... Then I went upstairs (after i called someone to come and help me fix it..) and he says "I don't know how you didn't hear that!" (like he thought i wasnt doing any work)...

    GRRR. Stupid work...

    I also had a customer complain cause i couldnt do 1 hours (she turned up while the machine was down)... and she was accusing me of lying - cause she said it had been down for over a week now... and i said it wasnt.. So she got shitty and left...

    Somedays - I don't like work... Why can't they pay me to stay at home?

    (three cheers to me for getting there in 15minutes)

    (i have just realised they owe me a tea break)


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