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Aug 1, 2008
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Rockaway Beach, NY
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Heres a few I took. Would like to see what you guys think..

1. Picture of my GFs Hands. This is the 2nd attempt to get this type of pic (the first attempt is at the bottom. Which is the best to you guys? I say this one. GF says the one below.)

IMG_0001.jpg by LJCPhotos, on Flickr

2. The first attempt.

Fingers Intertwined by LJCPhotos, on Flickr

3. Pic of the Marine Parkway Bridge (Gil Hodges Bridge) connecting Far Rockaway, NY to Brooklyn. Wanted to make the clouds pop. Don't know if I achieved that...

Marine Parkway Bridge by LJCPhotos, on Flickr
i like #1 better, it's a lot sharper

and the bridge has halos around it, and it makes it look over processed
I think the second attempt on the hands picture looks better; the depth of field on the first attempt is too short (actually, it's just barely too short in the second attempt too). The bridge photo looks good as far as exxposure/contrast/cropping, but the horizon isn't straight and it looks kind of funky with that blue tint you gave it. Nice pictures overall, though.

EDIT: Also, what the guy above me said; there's haloing around the bridge.
There is something better about the first hands shot... the hands turn into this massive chunk, and the backgroud is less distracting. However, the lack of focus also is distracting as I wish it was clearer. So maybe a white background and longer DOF would help.
- the bridge shot looks like all 1 color. Would be better in B+ W instead of Blue and White.

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