three trees


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Apr 21, 2007
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Took this shot last week... not my usual style, but those trees with their shadows were asking me to take their picture

i really like this - the silhouttes and shadows work really nice together
i like the line the fence in the background creates too
nice work
oh guys, thank you so much for commenting

actually, I didn't think about the fence until you commented on it haha...

glad you liked it
Indeed,they WERE asking!
And I am glad to see that you LISTENED!
Good one, and very good black and white, too. Is it from b&w film, or is it a conversion?
I do like the composition of this one, and feel it is superior to the one of a photo I posted before I left for my vacation in Austria, although this photo does make me THINK of that one photo of mine (Post_3_in_this_thread ).
I like the shadows on the ground. A higher perspective would have been nice but it's not very practical dragging a sissor lift around with you all the time. :lol:

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