Three Worlds

The Barbarian

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Dec 14, 2005
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Nice shot !!!
This is actually a great shot. Not, that there is any deep philosophy in it, but rather a strong feel of harmony. It is good material for a wall display and conversation piece.
That is a nice photograph. It's an interesting use of the space. I like how the one corner is dark. The reflections are nice. The slight blueish toning looks really good on this image.
Nice use of breadth. I rather wish there was something to look at in the lower right corner, since the graduation of tones pulls me down there. The floating leaf is almost in the right spot.

That's a quibble, though. Lovely picture!
Very beautiful - lovely shot! I do wish there were just a tad more detail through the water on the right others have said, it pulls the eye. But not ruining the image for me at all. :) Good stuff!
I am really enjoying the lightness at the top, left corner, and the subtle diagonal transition that occurs across the frame, from that lightness and all the way to darkness in the lower right corner...I thought that was a deliberate choice of The Barbarian, to play upon our minds with a full tonal range from one corner to the other...maybe not...but that's my story and I'm sticking to it...
I'd say the clouds are underexposed.


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