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Jan 2, 2008
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Houston, Texas
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Does this follow the rule of thirds? Are the hands a fatal flaw?
What is the subject here? I would usually assume the face to be the main focal point. In this image, the face that we can see is about 1/3 to the left but it's centred vertically. Not that it's a bad thing...but that's not exactly the 'rule of thirds'. The ball and the hoop might be another focal point...but the ball is out of the frame.

The hands don't necessarily ruin it...but there isn't anything that is grabbing my attention. Sure, the kids are playing B-ball...but only part of their bodies are in the frame and the ball isn't.

If you are trying to practice your composition and wanting to use the 'rule of third' (it's more of a guideline anyway)...then maybe try backing up and getting more of the scene in the shot. Then you can try different crops, and see what you like better.
I think the hand in the foreground that's blurry does take away a little from the photo, but the other hand is great. If you wanted to get a basketball in there, you should be able to relatively easily photoshop it in there.

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