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Damn You!
Jan 21, 2006
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Taken today on my brief birthday outing to the moors... only stopped raining for a short while, but when it did i managed to sneak this shot. As nice as he looks he tried to nibble my hand... im still not sure if it was in affection or annoyance... all i can say is i tried to kiss him but he refused me :lol:.... because without him looking into my camera my whole trip could have gone to waste, so ty little white dude. :razz:

I may post a re-edit if this... kinda made a hash of the processing.
Wow!! My jaw hit the floor with this one. Bloody awesome work on the post-processing. And what a beautiful view. (Almost looks like it should be a unicorn, to go with the surreal beauty of the background.) Great to see you posting again.
wish I could "hash" the processing like you do ;-)

the "water?" spot near the lower center is a bit distracting to me, but what a cool picture all the same!
Wow. I agree with Anty's comment about the surreal quality of the photo. Stunning.
Holy hell!!


very nice mate and its also good to see you posting again.

Would love to see this in black and white
Please tell me you're yanking our chain with the whole crappy edit job idea... If I could produce a picture like that I'd be putting it up on my wall right this instant.

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