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Tide Pool


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Feb 17, 2012
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I'm planning to be at the tide pool, so there will be a lot of splashing water. Should I be concern for my DSLR? Do I need something to cover to keep the water out?
I would avoid an salt water on your body / lenses at all costs. Very corrosive! Even fresh water is not a good idea for splashing...

There are some plastic bags available that will protect your camera from splashes, and still allow you to shoot after a fashion.

Waterproof Camera Bag Case Cover for Canon Nikon Sony DSLR SLR | eBay cheap ones... be very careful...

Amazon.com: DiCAPac WPS10 Waterproof Case for SLR/DSLR Cameras 230 x 270 x 190mm: Camera & Photo better... but I still wouldn't take it underwater...

Amazon.com: OP/TECH USA Rainsleeve - 18-Inch (2-Pack): Camera & Photo Rain sleeves... again, be very careful....
Tripods are pretty sturdy, and a lot easier to clean up. . . hell, even wash down if needed be.

As for the tide pool, I typically think of them as calmer and more away from the breaking waves and outgoing/incoming tide, how close will you actually be? If it is a rough day out, you can certainly anticipate larger sets coming ashore and move accordingly. I would think that a simple "bad weather" bag would suffice for the camera, like the ones linked above. Just be careful and use your head. Also, a good rule of thumb when working around the ocean: Don't turn your back to it.
Tripod... just do a really good fresh water rinse, moving all parts that can move while in the fresh water. And then rinse it again! lol! I have had rustproof stainless knives start showing rust after few dives no matter how well I rinsed them, and oiled them afterwards...

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