Time for a new lens..any suggestions?


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Jun 19, 2010
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Ok so I want a new lens. One with a large aperature like 1.8 and I want it to zoom at least 50 mm or more. I don't want to spend over 200...any suggestions?? I shoot with nikkor lens..
Well you won't get zoom... but the 50mm 1.8 prime is around ~$150.
Thanks! Have you ever used this lens?? or heard good things about it?
The 1.8 prime is an excellent lens and probably the best bargain in terms of quality vs. price in the Nikon line-up.
Be aware that this lens requires a focusing motor in the CAMERA BODY, as it does not have a motor in the lens body. If you have pretty much anything less than a D90, it will be a manual focus only.
Great! I will be ordering this for sure! :)
Great! I will be ordering this for sure! :)

You replied awfully quick, so I think we were replying at the same time. Make sure you're aware of my last comment before purchasing. I would absolutely recommend it, manual focus or not, but just be aware.
Just a FYI, it may limit your photography depending on what you are looking to photograph. It may not be good for group shots and definately not for most wildlife if that's your thing. It should be OK for some (most) portraits although a little longer focal length is usually recommended.
Thanks! Have you ever used this lens?? or heard good things about it?
Meet Winston.....

Nikkor 50mm at something other than wide open..... I forget, probably on a full frame body too.....


Fer sure..... on a cropped body.....​

cropped 100%​


The lens is pretty damn good for its price point.​
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I would go with the 50mm suggested.

Here it is on B&H

Really is a VERY nice lens...I don't have one yet, but I have had the pleasure of using one.

For being so cheap it is an absolutely wonderful piece of glass..and if you only have zoom lenses a prime lens will change the way you think about taking photos
I would look for a used 85mm f/1.8 AF or AF-D Nikkor. Shop off the beaten path, not at the mega-sites. Look for one being sold on consignment, or by a motivated seller.

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