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    Even this post does involve a Canon 2000D it also comes bundled with a mount called a MTP-20 by Movo.

    Movo claim the mount is Programmable which gives me the impression that another part of this bundle 'Time lapse pro' which is an Android App could follow a set of pre determined instructions moving the mount while extracting visual content from the camera.

    What I do not understand is why is the mount powered by AA batteries when it it quite happy being powered by my phone which gets its own power from a battery pack.

    Am I completely wrong, I was hoping for an opportunity to track stellar objects like the moon.

    Also doing Time-Lapse wide images when this mount is supposed to be Programmable swinging around Swansea bay would have been a good idea but there does not seem to be any option in the available Time-Lapse Apps that indicate any kind of remote control.

    Would anybody help.


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