Time to upgrade my T1i, opinions needed....


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Jan 7, 2012
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I currently own a Canon T1i and have been shooting with the kit lens and 50mm f1.8 for few years. It is time for me to upgrade. I did quite some researches and hopefully you guys could give me some more opinions between these two:

1) Keep my Canon T1i and upgrade to a Canon 17-55mm f 2.8 is usm lens
2) Sell the T1i and use the $ to upgrade to Canon 60D with Tamron 17-50mm f2.8 VC lens

Which one is really worth the upgrade? I have read the Tamron and Canon lens have comparable image quality. How big is the difference in image quality between the T1i and 60D? Please keep in mind it is not possible for me to get the 60D with the Canon lens due to $ constraint. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

i have a T1i, my mom has the 60D. i'm no professional but i absolutely notice a difference between the two. the 60D does so much better in low light (better at higher ISO), most notably.

i recently bought a 17-40mm (canon) for my T1i. i'm loving it SO much. i had the same lenses as you (but never used the 18-55mm). i like the 50mm A LOT, but the nicer lens is making a huge difference for me; i am less obsessed with stealing my mom's 60D (at least for a while).

i say spend the money on the lens, but that's just because that's what i did. :)
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I have a T1i and I am looking to get a new body. I am leaning towards the 7D.
what sucks is that (from what i can tell) you have to go all the way to the 5D before you've got a full-sized sensor. i have a 35mm film camera to take advantage of the 17mm focal length, but for all-the-time use i'd really love a digital with the full size sensor rather than film. *sigh*
It's a pretty big difference, I believe.

If you aren't willing to shell out so much money, maybe you should look at the T3i. I think it has the same sensor as the 60D.

The T2i might also have the same sensor, but I'm not for sure
If you can swing it, get the 17-55 then save up for the body. That would be a nice combo to upgrade to.
I would buy the tamron lens and decide later if I needed a new camera, its a highly rated lens and if you are in any way disappointed you will have no problem re-selling. You may find you don't need another body then, but if you do want a body you haven't lost anything
Thanks guys. Given the $50 rebate that tamron has right now, I will probably take advantage of this low price. Will see how's the image quality of the tamron.

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