Tiny Sea Slug, Golden Arches, Kona

Discussion in 'Nature & Wildlife' started by sabbath999, Dec 23, 2008.

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    OK... I know this isn't a great pic, but I was using a point and shoot and this little fellow was about 50 feet down and there was quite a bit of surge going on so it was REALLY tricky to get him lined up, keep my self buoyant enough to shoot a shutter-lagged point & shoot in macro mode from about 3 inches away without squishing the little fellow or banging into the coral all around me... he's about a half an inch long...


    EXIF: Canon Powershot 710 IS, underwater housing, 50ft deep, f/2.8, macro mode, built in flash with diffuser, 1/80 second.

    I know I could do a couple things in post to make it look a bit more "pretty" but the water at this particular spot had an odd greenish cast to it (mostly the colors are stripped out by depth) so I tried to make the picture look like what it actually looked like when I took it.


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